English name-Scientific name-Icelandic name

Common Seal-Phoca vitulina-Landselur

Gray Seal-Halichoerus grypus-Útselur

Northern Bottlenose Whale-Hyperoodon ampullatus-Andarnefja

Sperm Whale-Physeter catodon-Búrhvalur

Long-finned Pilot Whale-Globicephala melaena-Grindhvalur

Killer Whale-Orcinus orca-Háhyrningur

Harbour Porpoise-Phocoena phocoena-Hnísa

Humpback Whale-Megaptera novaeangliae-Hnúfubakur

White-beaked Dolphin-Lagenorhynchus albirostris-Hnýðingur

Minke Whale-Balaenoptera acutorostrata-Hrefna

Atlantic White-sided Dolphin-Lagenorhynchus acutus-Leifturhníðir

Fin Whale-Balaenoptera physalus-Langreyður

Sei Whale-Balaenoptera borealis-Sandreyður

Blue Whale-Balaenoptera musculus-Steypireiðu


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